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What is the current status on the budget of the event?

We were originally working with a budget of €14.3 million. Immediately after it was announced that La Vuelta could not start in Utrecht and Brabant in 2020, the project organization was scaled down, in order to save costs. Because the project period is now longer, additional organizational costs are necessary. Many of the preparations that have been made will still pay off; therefore, hardly any extra investments need to be made. In total we have taken into account € 1.5 million additional costs for the event. This is why we are currently working with a total budget of € 15.8 million.

What is the additional investment by the public partners?

The public partners are investing a total of €750,000 extra into the event. The municipality and province of Utrecht both invest €250,000, the municipality of Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the province of Noord-Brabant also invest €250,000 together. The additional investments are in line with the proportions of the original investment in the event.

What is the fee?

The fee to Unipublic - La Vuelta is in total €3.25 million (as in 2020).


What is the impact of Corona on the event?

We are going to use the coming months to further shape the plan for the event. In this plan, safety and public health are obviously a major focus point. The priority is that the event is organized safely (in all aspects): for riders, spectators and staff.

Has contact already been made with the RIVM or other pandemic experts to become involved in the preparations for the event?

No, we will use the coming months to further shape the plan for the event. Safety and public health are of course important issues. The priority is that the event is organized safely (in all aspects): for riders, spectators and staff.


Will there be a side events program?

Yes, we want La Vuelta in Utrecht and Brabant to be a celebration by and for everyone. An event in which as many people as possible can participate. A large number of the organizers from the side events program in 2020 indicated in the summer of 2020 that they would also like to participate in 2022. We will use the coming months to further shape and plan the start of the side events program. We hope that in 2022 more will be possible than is currently the case. Of course, we will always take into account the regulations and the safety of organizers, visitors and volunteers is our main priority.

Are there new partners involved in the event?

It is good to see that the vast majority of partners, despite the complicated period we are going through together, want to give their commitment to this event once again. Recently we have had conversations with many partners about their commitment. We are also talking to a number of new partners.

What will be the date of the event?

The date is not yet known. The 2022 cycling calendar is determined by the UCI. Usually the calendar is announced around September. In any case, the start will be in August once more, but the exact dates will be announced after the summer.

Will the route and start and finish locations remain the same?

Yes. Almost all preparations for the route had been completed by March 2020. The traffic and mobility plan had been finished and preparations with the municipalities that we would have been crossing were in the final stages. All those investments could pay off by keeping the route the same as before. Moreover, in 2018 and 2019 all possibilities (regarding safety, mobility, costs and length of the race) were taken into account when determining the route of the race. In the coming months, the consultations with the municipalities and the other parties who are involved will be restarted.

Project Director

Why is there a new project director?

After the cancellation of the start of La Vuelta in the Netherlands in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, Martijn van Hulsteijn indicated that he would not be available for a possible start in another year. When it became clearer during the feasibility study that the start of the Spanish cycling tour could still come to the Netherlands, the recruitment of a new project director started. And a new director was found, Simone has a lot of experience in the events sector and in particular with cycling during the Giro d'Italia in Gelderland.

Mayors Aboutaleb (Rotterdam) and Van Zanen (The Hague) are making a strong case for bringing the start of the Tour de France in 2024 or 2025 to their cities. Simone Richardson is the partner of Mayor Van Zanen. Doesn't this interfere with each other's work?

In the selection process for a new project director of La Vuelta Holanda, the candidate with the most suitable profile and experience was chosen. Of course, it is known that Simone Richardson is the partner of Mr. Van Zanen. We assume that this is not going to interfere with the execution of this position and trust that given her expertise, experience she is the best candidate to make La Vuelta Holanda a success.

Simone Richardson is on the candidate list for the House of Representatives. Does this have consequences for filling this position?

We assume that Simone will fill this position from July 1st with her complete heart and soul and trust her to work together on a beautiful Spanish cycling summer.

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