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Will La Vuelta (Holanda) continue, given the developments surrounding the Corona virus?

La Vuelta Holanda will definitely not start in The Netherlands this year. La Vuelta Holanda has had to give the start of the Tour of Spain 2020 back to the Spanish organization of La Vuelta. The project organization decided this together with the starting cities Utrecht, 's-Hertogenbosch, Breda and the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Brabant, because a start in the autumn of 2020 proved to be unfeasible and undesirable.

Why does La Vuelta not start in the Netherlands this year?

Moving the three stages from August to autumn proved to be technically unfeasible due to the availability of venues and roads in that period. In addition to the organizational barriers, the project organization and the public partners do not consider it desirable - in the great uncertainty surrounding the situation of the Corona virus - to organize a public cycling event in the autumn.

Does the start of La Vuelta Holanda shift to 2022?

Whether La Vuelta will start in the Netherlands in 2022 will be decided in the near future. Together with the public and private partners we will investigate the feasibility of a start in 2022 and weigh up this against cancellation.

Can the activities of the side events programme continue, given the Corona virus?

There will be no side events programme as intended. However, some side events can continue because they have already started and make a positive contribution to the social objectives that we had with La Vuelta Holanda. For one-on-one advice about your event, please contact us via

Do the organizers of the side events programme have to pay back their money?

We will consult with the organizers of our side events in the coming period, so we can see what costs have already been made and then make an arrangement with each organizer. Organizers can contact the project organization via

What will happen to the official tour ride now that the event has been canceled?

The tour ride was linked to La Vuelta Holanda, but we will discuss with the organization whether a tour ride is still possible this year. This also depends on developments regarding the corona virus and the advice of the government.

What is the size of La Vuelta?

La Vuelta is one of the three major cycling tours in the world (Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and La Vuelta). It has a wide audience reach and media attention: the event is followed worldwide by 1400 journalists from 320 media and La Vuelta is broadcasted in approximately 190 countries.

How often has the Vuelta started in the Netherlands?

It is very special that La Vuelta starts in the Netherlands. The cycling round only started three times outside of Spain, including Assen in 2009. This year, the 75th edition will be held.

Does La Vuelta Holanda have a charity?

The Disabled Sports Fund (Fonds Gehandicaptensport) is the official charity of La Vuelta Holanda. In the Netherlands, there are 1.7 million people with a disability for whom sports cannot be taken for granted. They often need extra support. The offer of sports is not always accessible to all, or there are no appropriate facilities nearby. The Disabled Sports Fund has the dream to make sports available for everyone with a disability structurally and close to home. Want to know more about the Disabled Sports Fund? View the website.

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