On 19 August, a weekend full of excitement begins. For three days, the riders will race through the Dutch countryside with the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Brabant taking centre stage. With a total of more than 400 kilometres of track, The Netherlands will turn red. The program is not yet fully known, but a small preview can already be given.

Team presentation

This weekend will be kicked off with the team presentation at the Vredenburgplein. The riders will be presented on a large stage, before they step onto the boat. Riderhero Pedro Delgado will present all the 23 participating teams. Following this, a large musical show will take place around the team presentations.

Stage 1

With over 410 kilometers La Vuelta woll travel past 34 Dutch municipalities in the provinces of Utrecht and North-Brabant.

On the 19th of August the team time trial starts in the inner city of Utrecht. During this event the fans will have the chance to see their riderheros fly by twice.

Stage 2

Saturday 20th of August the second stage will start in the beautiful, historical center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and through to Utrecht via the ridge. In this stage we will see the first mountain points conquered of La Vuelta 2022.

Stage 3

During the final stage on Dutch soil, the West Brabantse landscapes are in the spotlight. The start is held at the historic Castle of Breda and the finish in front of the Chassé theater.

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