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Breda: koninklijke ‘roots’ omringd door prachtig groen

In Breda, you will find both urban and international allure and at the same time inspiring tranquillity in the landscape and a feeling of seclusion in traditional villages. The Mastbos, the Markdal, the Galderse Heide, the Liesbos, the Ulvenhoutse woods, country estates and natural gates embrace Breda with lots of greenery, which runs along cycle paths from all directions to parks far into the city centre.

It was not a coincidence that King Willem Alexander's ancestors lived in Breda for 150 years since they chose this 'northernmost Flemish city' about six centuries ago. They made history there - partly coinciding with that of Spain - and left behind beautiful monuments. The Castle of Breda, the Grote or Onze Lieve Vrouwenkerk and the Beguinage are still 'top' in the historic city centre.

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The combination with leading, contemporary architecture, musical events, cultural festivals, extensive digital cleverness and hospitable get-togethers, makes Breda the Best City Centre of the Netherlands. Sport is inextricably bound up with the Breda lifestyle, where cycling is at the top of the list. All kinds of cycling clubs, from semi-professionals, friends, both male and female, to pubbars and cycling enthusiasts find their place in Breda. And after exercising it's wonderful to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • With about 185,000 inhabitants Breda is the ninth largest city of the Netherlands
  • Breda has a student population of over 25,000 young people who develop their talents there
  • The inhabitants of Breda own almost 300,000 bicycles and travel over 500,000 kilometres every day
  • In the municipality of Breda 260 kilometres of separate bicycle path have been constructed
  • There is free bicycle parking throughout the city

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