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Green light for start La Vuelta in 2022 in Utrecht and Noord-Brabant

Although at the moment only limited large-scale events with audience can take place because of COVID-19, all signals are green for the start of the Spanish cycling tour 'La Vuelta' in 2022 in the Netherlands. All partners, namely the ASO, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Utrecht, the cities of Breda, 's-Hertogenbosch and Utrecht and the private partners have once again joined forces to make it possible to host this event in the Netherlands.

Point on the horizon

After the project organization was forced to hand back the start of this major cycling event to the Spanish organization in 2020 due to the pandemic, the option of moving the start to another year was examined. The conclusion of this feasibility study is that La Vuelta will still start in Utrecht and Noord-Brabant in August 2022. The exact date will be known as soon as the UCI sets the annual cycling calendar. The main sports event will be supported by a variety of side events leading up to the event.

Vuelta director Javier Guillén: "It has been a lifelong wish to start in the cycling country of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is well known for its organizational skills and I am sure that, even given the current situation, we can succeed in organizing the event in a good and, above all, safe manner."

Mayor Sharon Dijksma (Utrecht): "That we were able to bring such a major sports event to the Netherlands and to Utrecht after all is a huge boost after this difficult period. Together with the other cities, provinces and (sports) organizations, we will put in our best efforts to organize a Vuelta summer in 2022 that will make all cyclists' hearts beat faster!"

"We came to together to discuss how we can organize La Vuelta in 2022. The end result was that we all very much wanted to see the cyclists of La Vuelta riding through Utrecht and Brabant. And that also brings great opportunities for people, companies and organizations to organize amazing things next year", said alderman Daan Quaars (Breda) on behalf of all public partners.

New project director La Vuelta Holanda

The coming months will be used to further shape the plans for the event. This event will be managed by a new project director. As of July 1st, Simone Richardson will succeed the current project director Martijn van Hulsteijn. Simone has worked in the sports sector for over 30 years as a coach, volunteer, director and in recent years as an independent entrepreneur. Previously, she managed sports organizations and events such as the Giro d'Italia start in Gelderland, the Amsterdam Marathon and the Women's European Championship Football for the host city Doetinchem.


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