Update side events programme

La Vuelta Holanda has had to give the start of the Tour of Spain 2020 back to the Spanish organization of La Vuelta. Moving the three stages from August to autumn proved to be technically unfeasible due to the availability of venues and roads in that period. Unfortunately, this also has consequences for the intended side events programme.

The kick-off of the side events programme on April 29th had already been cancelled earlier. Subsequently, the Dutch government also announced that events with a permit cannot take place until September 1st. Now that the start of La Vuelta 2020 will definitely not take place in the Netherlands, this also means that there will be no side events programme as intended.

Some side events can still take place because they have already started and are making a positive contribution to the social objectives we had with La Vuelta Holanda. We will investigate which side events can continue in the coming period. We will discuss this with the organizers of these events.

For questions about your side event, please contact us via activatie@lavueltaholanda.com.

Copyright image: © Unipublic / Jose Antonio Miguélez


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