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The traditional advertising caravan that precedes the large cycling tours has a unique character during the stage in the Netherlands for La Vuelta. La Vuelta Holanda is going to be the first cycling event in the world who is organizing Green Caravan. It will drive in front of the peloton on the 19th, 20th and 21st of August and is made up of sustainable vehicles with a sustainability message. Organizations that are participating in this are following the ambitions of organizing La Vuelta Holanda to be a unique and sustainable cycling event.


The advertising caravan is one of the most eye catching parts of a large cycling event. A whopping 75% of the visitors have indicated they are looking forward to see the caravan. But the traditional procession of cars which distribute plastic gadgets does not suit the goals of La Vuelta Holanda. The green caravan is therefore a worlds first. The caravan not only consists of sustainable cars but also a sustainable message towards the fans. Only cars with zero emissions (electric or hydrogen powered) will be used and only sustainable gadgets will be distributed.


La Vuelta Holanda has as goal to increase the focus on sustainability in topsport through new initiatives that tie together with each other. Energy supplier Essent also has partnered up with us to further push this goal together.

Besides Essent we will be partnering up with organisations such as PwC, UW Utrecht, Wholly Greens, TURESPAÑA together with Andalucia en Valencia, Capgemini, Van Zoelen, Lightyear, Broekhuis, Velor, Greener, Heuvelman, Dopper and the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch who will take part in the Green Caravan. Find below more to read about all the organizations that will take part in the Green Caravan and what role they have during the Dutch Vuelta weekend.

Founding partners from La Vuelta Holanda

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