Disabled Sports Fund charity of La Vuelta Holanda 2020

The organization of La Vuelta Holanda 2020 has chosen Disabled Sports Fund (Fonds Gehandicaptensport) as the charity of this event. Through the various activities, it is hoped to raise as much money as possible for the disabled sport in our country.

Nike Boor (m), director Disabled Sports Fund receives the red leader jersey of Vuelta-ambassador Mathieu Hermans (r) and Henri Swinkels, deputy of province Noord-Brabant.
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In August 2020, the Tour of Spain should have crossed 34 Dutch municipalities in three days. The organization was in the hands of the cities of Utrecht, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda and the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Brabant. “We are grateful to La Vuelta Holanda for choosing the Disabled Sports Fund as charity”, said Nike Boor, director of the Disabled Sports Fund. “It is fantastic to bring disabled sport to the attention of a wide audience. With the funds, we will support local sports clubs in starting and expanding the sports offer for people with disabilities. And we choose to continue developing our Unique Sports platform with the aim of getting as many disabled people as possible to sport close to home.”

Henri Swinkels, deputy of the province of Noord-Brabant, symbolically handed the red leader’s jersey of La Vuelta to Nike Boor yesterday. “For many Dutch people, exercise and sports are the most normal thing in the world. Unfortunately, exercise independently is not possible for everyone”, says Swinkels. “With La Vuelta Holanda, we want to help the Disabled Sports Fund to make sports possible for everyone with a disability. It is in line with our aim to make La Vuelta Holanda more than three stages of top cycling.”

In the Netherlands, there are 1.7 million people with a disability for whom sports are not self-evident. They often need extra support. The offer of sports is not always accessible to all, or there are no appropriate facilities nearby. The Disabled Sports Fund has the dream to make sports available structurally and close to home for everyone with a disability.

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