The three stories of La Vuelta Holanda

Get inspired by our three ‘stories’: Riding in Red, Connected in A Battle and Fire, Change, Vuelta!


The leader of La Vuelta rides in red. This story is about boundaries, the boundaries of the (im)possible, if you reach those you can conquer the red jersey. It is about putting your ‘meters’ in red. It is also about everything you do to achieve a top performance. How much can a rider handle? Who can keep going the longest, hurt and suffer the best, go deep? And that can also be about boundaries between what is allowed and what is not allowed. And then there is the Motto of Spain, like mentioned on the official weapon: Plus Ultra (Latin), aka Más allá (Spanish), or in plain Dutch: STEEDS VERDER (ALWAYS ON)!

In het Rood rijden


This story is about battling for what you believe in and then going all out to achieve it. Like cyclists do, but actually anyone who wants to achieve something special. This story also associates with a piece of history between the Netherlands and Spain: the Eighty Years’ War. A period of battle that eventually also ensured a connection between our countries. Which is still visible in historical stories, places, and buildings. The cyclists in the peloton of La Vuelta are also Connected in Battle. Although they all ride for themselves, they couldn’t do that without the others. They are sentenced to each other in their individual mission.

Verbonden in Strijd


This story is about perpetual development and change, which always leads to new things. And offers space for new possibilities. Change is movement towards new prospects and new possibilities for new connections. While we don’t always know where it will lead. Just like the Wheel of Fortune, the outcome may be surprising. La Vuelta means The Round. A round has a beginning and an end. And if the round is a circle, it ends at the beginning. Wherever a new beginning may arise, as a Circle of Life that keeps going. And to make new things come to life, fire is needed. Because everything starts with fire, passion, a spark. Which ignites everything and can lead to big movements. Movements that change everything.

Vuur verandering Vuelta

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