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The first three stages of La Vuelta 2020 will be ridden in the Netherlands and everyone has the chance to cycle their own Vuelta. A week before the official start, on August 8 and 9, you can cycle a part of the course during the official La Vuelta Holanda tours. With different distances, which may overlap with the route of the first three stages, it is a unique experience for the social cyclist as well as the cycling fan.

On Saturday, the 8th of August, the tour version of La Vuelta Holanda will also start in Utrecht. On Sunday, the 9th of August, it will continue with the tours from Breda. With four different distances; 35, 75, 110, and 150 kilometers, the tours are accessible to everyone. Along the route you can refuel with some food and drinks in one of the care stations and you will be welcomed in a festive and Spanish atmosphere at the finish.


The first thousand tenderers will get an early bird discount of 5 euros. In addition, the participants of the 75, 110 or 150 kilometers will receive a specially designed Tour version La Vuelta Holanda cycling shirt. A special arrangement has been developed for the business teams.


There is a possibility to donate a contribution to the Disabled Sports Fund when you register. The proceeds will support local sports associations with starting and expanding the sports offer for people with disabilities.

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